Xamarin Wars: A Mobile New Hope

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Xamarin Wars is a serie of articles I am writing to share my opinion and adventure of working with Xamarin. Read why iOS is the dark side.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…”

Xamarin it’s out there, it’s becoming popular, every day more and more programmers are using… yes, you must know about it.

Who is using Xamarin?

Xamarin Wars: A Mobile New Hope

Why use Xamarin?

1 – No limitations. Use built in classes, use native APIs and/or customize your own classes.
2 – Less programming language to learn. Use just C# period.
3 – Xamarin updates when iOS and Android updates.
4 – Share code beetween all platforms iOS and Android.
5 – Use Visual Studio to programming with Xamarin.

What is the difficulties?

1 – Installation and configuration are still trick.

For more information chech my article: Visual Studio 2015 Xamarin Forms Setup and Config

2 – Some behavior in Xamarin Forms are not clear. You will need to read some documentation.

3 – For iOS apps you will still need a mac in your network (as a build host) to build and publish for iPhone, iPad…

And about performance?

Xamarin is closest to native iOS and Adroid programming. Check it out: Mobile App Performance Redux

Anyway, if you really want to create mobile apps, try Xamarin, test, read some examples.

This is it. I hope it helped.

Xamarin Wars: A Mobile New Hope

Xamarin Wars: Questions, suggestions and feedbacks will be appreciated. Good luck!

About the Author:
He works as a solution architect and developer, has more than 16 years of experience in software development on several platforms and more than 14 years only for the insurance market.