Start Here Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to the Blog!

If you got here, congratulations! Read here more about what is the blog and other things. Good learning to you!

Who is this Blog for?

IT professionals, software developers that are looking for interesting material and do not want to read much text. And of course, download source code.

Why one more Blog of technology and software development?

Dude, I want to share my knowledge, I do not intend being to better of someone. I just feel good helping. PERIOD!  I believe knowledge is for all.


What is the differential of this Blog?

Most of my articles have no curses, no blah blah blah, little text, but with a lot of source code. Let’s be honest, there are many Blogs out there that despite good content, there is a lot of writing … agree?

What’s on this Blog?

Technology articles, software development, news and  LOT of source code!

You can help me!

I’m not proud. Do you want to help me? Then suggest a theme, make your request through the form below.

About the posts

I always try to emphasize at the end of the article one link to GitHub, repository where I make available the source code of an article; The portuguese version of the article, in case you’re so eclectic like this …; And finally CodeFinal, where you can see the application running online.

Top posts


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