How to Install and Config Xamarin Forms in Visual Studio 2015

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Configuring Xamarin is not too easy you think. Follow these stepsto install and config Xamarin Forms in your Visual Studio 2015 update 3.

1 – Open Visual Studio 2015 setup from Windows Control Panel and install all features of Cross Platform Mobile Development. Restart the machine, install all updates from Windows Update as necessary.

2 – Download and install Visual Studio 2015 Xamarin plugin at

3 – There are three types of application in Xamarin: Android, Apple iOS and Windows Phone. Android you can simulate using on Windows; iOS you can simulate on Windows but you need a MAC plugged in your network (don’t worry for now); Windows Phone, forget about :). For now, let’s focus just on Android.

4 – After all installation and updates open your Visual Studio 2015, go to Tools / Android / Android SDK Manager. The Android SDK Manager download and installer will popup.


5 – Click on Deselect All link button.

6 – Open Android 6.0 (API 23) treeview and check all options.

7 – Open Extras treeview and check those options:
– Android Support Repository
– Google Play Services
– Android Auto API Simulators
– Google USB Driver
– Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator

8 – Open Tools treview and check those options:
– Android SDK Tools
– Android SDL Platform-tools (all rev.)
– Android SDK Build-tools (all rev.)

9 – Click button to Install packages. It will download and install those packages and it will take a lot of time. Go to drink a coffee or something. Restart your machine after all installation.

The main rule here is just install Android 6.0 (API 23). Sometimes you will need to install API 22 or 21. BUT FOR NOW, don’t install API 24 or above.

10 – After all installation, open Visual Studio 2015 and go to Tools / Options / Xamarin / Android Settings. All three options Java Development, Android SDK and Android NDK must be green.

11 – In Visual Studio create a new project: File / New / Project. Select Templates / Visual C# / Cross-Plataform and for now, select Blank Xaml App (Xamarin Forms Portable) template. Choose short names (for example use MyFirstApp) for project name. Cancel any popup for windows phone and don’t worry about any errors at this point.

12 – Right mouse button in your solution / Properties / Configuration Properties and check just those options:
– MyFirstApp (build)
– MyFirstApp.Droid (build and deploy)

13 – Set MyFirstApp.Droid for start up project using mouse right button.

14 – Right mouse button in MyFirstApp.Droid project and choose Properties. In Application tab option check and configure following options:
– Compile using…: Use latest platform (Android 6.0)
– Minimium Android…: Android 4.0.3
– Target Android…: Android 6.0 Level 23

15 – Click Android Options tab and click Advance tab. Write 1G in Java Max Heap Size textbox. OK Save and close that window.

16 – Now you need to update Xamarin Forms libraries for all three projects (Portable, Droid and iOS). To do that, just access managet nugget packages for each one and update Xamarin Forms to version

17 – After those three installations, Clean your project and rebuild it. If you get any errors, close and open your visual studio and try to rebuild.

18 – If compilation successfull, try to debug using Android Simulator.

This is it. I hope it helped.

How to Install and Config Xamarin Forms in Visual Studio 2015

Config Xamarin Forms: Questions, suggestions and feedbacks will be appreciated. Good luck!

Do complete download of the source code on github.
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