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Real World Programming

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Real World Programming

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This site is for IT professionals, mainly software developers who are looking for solutions that can be applied without much difficulty …
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About me

Hello! I’m Fabio Silva Lima, I am author this blog, I live technology, I like software development, I play video games, I love tv series, I Am runner and I love my family….
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.NET Core for .NET Developers 5

.NET Core for .NET Developers

This article is for a .NET developer who would like to start programming with .NET Core. I analyze and compare the main difference between these two technologies, speaking as a .NET developer.

12 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers 7

12 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

In this article, I’ll share with you some free Google Chrome Extensions that help a lot of Web Developers. Some of those Chrome Extensions I use on my daily work routine and others were my Blog’s visitors’ suggestions.