about fabio silva limaHello! I’m Fabio Silva Lima, I am author this blog, I live technology, I like software development, I play video games, I love tv series, I practice running and I love my family.

I am a software architect and developer with more than 16 years of experience in software development, being 14 years working for the insurance market.

Today I use those technologies C#AngularJS, KnockoutJSWeb API, MVC and Xamarin Forms.


Who is this Blog for?

I love passing the knowledge, I always wanted to be able to write something, teach and help other IT professionals, especially software development. So I decided to create this blog in mid-November / 2016 to share programming solutions and mostly share source code.


My goal is to help other developers!

How this Blog works?

I plan to be direct, without too much blah blah or coaxing, ie share source code! However, the blog moves to community requests.

Where else do I contribute?

I share my contents on social networks and other IT sites.

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Cases and projects that I participated

From left to right: Sura Seguros, Icatu Seguros, Zenite, America Life Seguros, Sistemas Seguros, Williams Seguros, Sulamerica ING, Mapfre Seguros QBE, Tokio Marine Seguradora, Willis, Liberty Seguros, JLT, Unibanco AIG and Caronetas