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An Untold Story About the .NET Versions

An Untold story about the .NET Versions is a time travel in 10 minutes that I am going to tell you a...
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IIS: How to Host a .NET Core Application in 10 Steps

If you started developing with .NET Core and you can't leave your Windows hosting server, ...
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Tutorial: Control your Source Code with GIT and Azure DevOps

For this tutorial, you will learn how to control your source code with GIT using Microsoft Azure Dev...
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12 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

In this article, I'll share with you some free Google Chrome Extensions that help a lot of Web Devel...
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.NET Core for .NET Developers

This article is for a .NET developer who would like to start programming with .NET Core. I analyze and compare the main difference between these t...
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50 Common Lifetime Mistakes About Software Development

Answering the community’s demand the article 50 common lifetime mistakes about software development has been created, such as technical,...
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3 Tips to Reduce Cyclomatic Complexity in C#

When I started programming in C#, I remember that I enabled a Visual Studio option to analyze the C#...
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9 Free Productivity Tools That Every Web Developer Should Use

In this article i will share with you some free Productivity Tools that I use as a Web Developer.   #1 - Fiddler Web Debugging Proxy ...
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Consumming ASMX Services in Xamarin Forms

When I started work with Xamarin Forms one of the first things I needed was consumming services. When you use Xamarin Forms consumming R...
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Software Architecture

The Software Architecture aims to provide a developer guide with concepts, methodologies, standards and good programming practices.


Development of customized software for the desktop, mobile and web platforms that aim at the satisfaction of all those involved.

API e Integrations

Provide API solutions that enable easy integration, flexibility, performance, information security and scalability.

Site and Blog Consultancy

Consultancy to create professional blogs following the digital marketing methodologies for the success of the business.


Conducting training and in company workshops on development and architecture for support in the software life cycle.

Mobile Apps

Build mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms enabling reuse of business rules by reducing cost and operational time.
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